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i fuel [i scan EP]

Autor: mrchazta | Email
Datum: 18.04.2016
Downloads: 3362 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 4.445 KB

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This is NOT A STAND ALONE MOD. It requires of "i fuel" mod installed in your GTA V

Donations are welcomed and absolutely made me happy but it's not necessary. Putting a comment or hit like button and follow is enough to compensate my big effort in this mod. So if you don't have an account in i suggest you to create one and join the great community.

Finishing other features, Completing this mod, Learn to use lua correctly, Publish a new .net fuel mod im currently working

My Rig:
Sony Vaio Intel core i7 3.4G turbo boost, 16 Gb Ram, NVidia GT 740m 2 GB ram, Windows 8.1 Pro x64
I made and run this mod smoothly on a:
legit steam version updated patch 1.27, NativeUI installed, ScripthookV 1.0.678.1, ScriptHookVDotNet-v2.4, Lua Plugin V.10.1

This mod is a Lua plugin mod and i'm not testing it on latest patch of GTA V (until now 1.33 - My game verson is 1.27 steam). The reason why i'm still using ScriptHookVDotNet-v2.4 is because when i installed ScriptHookVDotNet-v .2.7 sometimes it often crash the game if i try to have a quick load of the game when i roll back to V.2.4 it works just fine.
Even this version is a"inside refueling" but the vote still goes on, i still able to change wether to refuel from inside or from outside the vehicle, so please put your idea and suggestion on comment section.

[i scan expansion patch]
It is a Dyno Run
Scan the condition of your vehicle
You'll need this feature as a main feature because some of indicator have been removed and the only way you can know it its with i scan.
Prices are depend on what vehicle you drive, more expensive = more money to scan.
Further will be added a quick scan feature [instant scan for triple price]
5 Phases of Status scan
Fuel usage detection
Parts usage detection
Vehicle damage detection
Air cooler detection
Air conditioner detection
8 Phases of Error scan
Error fuel detection
Over use fuel detection
There's more coming, so stay follow

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i fuel [i scan EP]
i fuel [i scan EP] i fuel [i scan EP] i fuel [i scan EP] i fuel [i scan EP] i fuel [i scan EP]

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