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Traffic Spawner

Autor: Alphazolam
Datum: 14.04.2016
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Traffic Spawner - Superior traffic spawn for GTA 5 . Tired of seeing the same traffic at every intersection? Want to add to the diversity of street traffic? This mod is close to "Machine-doubles" and replaces them with random from one of the two transport lists in the file trafficspawner.ini . Installation :

1.Make sure you have installed the Script Hook V and ScriptHookV .NET ;
2.Copy the files in the mod folder in the root directory of the game.

Purpose :

Get rid of the "taxi-effect" on the familiar GTA 4 , when after modding the streets again and again appear only a limited number of models of cars - usually taxis and police cars. In GTA 5 you will then often - too often - meet the cars of the same model as yours.

Office :

To activate during the game press num3 . You can configure the control options and some fashion in the ini -files.

What's new in v.0.2:
- Fixed spawn is pedov transport;
- Added the ability to spawn new vehicles on any road, not only to remove duplicates;
- Added option to spawn a random police vehicle jam-packed with cops;
- Added new options to improve the performance (for example, the waiting time between spawns);
- Fixed parachutes ; Several stability improvements.

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Traffic Spawner

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