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Force Field

Autor: letsplayordy
Datum: 31.03.2016
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Have you ever wanted to drive around at 200 MPH without having to worry about traffic being in the way?
Have you ever hated traffic and pedestrians so much that you just wanted them to fly away?
No? Too bad! This is the mod for you!

How to install:
Make sure you have the latest version of GTA V.
Install latest Script Hook V by Alexander Blade (
Copy the "ForceField.asi" and "ForceField.xml" files to your GTA V directory.

How to use:
Hold Left-CTRL then press K.

The keys.
Whether to draw the barrier or not.
The color or the barrier.
The force multiplier. Change this if you want traffic/peds to fly farther or the opposite.
The Z push amount. Change this if you want traffic/peds to fly higher or the opposite.
Whether to push vehicles or not.
Whether to push pedestrians or not.
The interval at which to change the barrier position and push vehicles/peds. Make this smaller if you have a high performance PC, or higher if not.

There is a bug with the pushing of pedestrians where they will stop flying once they get about 150 feet in the air, then fall down 3 seconds later.
The barrier looks horrible, and this is because since a single barrier's height is so small, I had to put 3 together.
In FPV you can see a little "thing" above you when you look straight up. This is not fixable, but is barely ever noticeable.
Sometimes vehicles seem to not want to leave the ground, but will eventually fly when you get close enough.

Please do not redistribute without my permission.

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Force Field
Force Field

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