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Personal Driver v1.0

Autor: T-Mind
Datum: 23.03.2016
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Dateigröße: 5.028 MB

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personal driver 1.0

- only women as driver
- 5 driver modes ( slow, medium, fast, faster, no rules )
- all modes are without stops on red lights
- plus seat switching
- plus passengers on all possible seats ( only women too, the women are your bodyguards ;) )

what can you do:
- first change the view to ego...
- let you drive arround the whole world and watch the nice game and listen to music
- you can take place on every seat of any vehicle and let you drive arround
- you can hang outside of cars and see the world with fib agents eyes
- you can take place on weapon seats
- you can make drive by's ( your bodyguards shot at your targets too ;) )
- enioy the unknown perspectives

how it works:
- choose a car
- choose a seat
- choose the driver of your choise
- fill up with women
- drive arround or be a badass

- if you leave the car the driver leave too ( mostly you don't need her anymore )
- your bodyguards stands by you

T - switches the driver and the 5 modes, at the sixt time the player is the driver again
Z - switches the seat ( if free )
U - women take place on free seats ( but first choose your seat ;) )
G - all women will leave ( sometimes they will hate you for that xD )
W - because of wasd controll - you are instantly the driver

you can change the keys in the *.ini file


put personal_driver_1.0.dll and the personal_driver.ini in the script folder of gta.

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Personal Driver v1.0
Personal Driver v1.0 Personal Driver v1.0 Personal Driver v1.0 Personal Driver v1.0 Personal Driver v1.0

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