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Chaos Traffic v1.0

Autor: T-Mind
Datum: 23.03.2016
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Dateigröße: 3.373 MB

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this mod slows down the game, if your pc is already slow you sadly will not have much fun.
the mod manipulates all vehicles arround the player and in high range.
the reason why it kicks so hard is because it must be looped in every frame.
( mode 2 - 4, mode 1 is not that heavy )
it also causes glitches and collision issues ( i think its more a fun faktor :) ).


this mod has 4 traffic modes:

1. the brain of all drivers will be replaced with sauerkraut and they get driving skills like motherfucking assholes!
they don't know any rules or speed limits.

2. all cars drive as fast as you. what a stupid kind of bullshit xD
if you stand, they stand too. if you drive as fuck, they do it too.

3. the gas pedal is defect, all cars ( with living drivers ) will speed up to 220km/h
or diarrhea till death could be an answer for this "shit" too :D

4. i don't know how i can discribe this fuck.
Maybe ... Magneto on crystal meth, yeah thats it. Party Magneto ftw :D !

its important you sit in a heavy vehicle.
use the tank or modify a car's weight to hundrets of tons.
otherwise you could die in seconds ;)

hit H to change the traffic modes, hit Insert ( oder Einfügen ;) ) to reload all mods.
this stops the loopsystem too.
you can change the key in the *.ini file.

put the chaos_traffic.ini and chaos_traffic_1.0.dll in the scripts folder of gta5

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Chaos Traffic v1.0
Chaos Traffic v1.0 Chaos Traffic v1.0 Chaos Traffic v1.0 Chaos Traffic v1.0

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