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Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60

Autor: H2awesome
Datum: 22.02.2016
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Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project

Do not redistribute the files provided you need to get permission from me if you wan't to include files from this mod in your mods

If you experience any crash just ask for the reason/fix in the comment section"Do not low rate for this reason"
"Give some feedbacks before rating"

Note:This mod doesn't make your game looks like real life

Installation "RESHADE&ENB"

  1. Download the Reshade from
Download ENB series v0.275-latest version from here
Extract all the Reshade&enb files in one folder
Delete "mediator.exe and Reshade32.dll"
Rename the Reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll -->Must do this or else Reshade doesn't work
Now copy and paste the Reshade&enb files from this mod into the folder which you extracted the files "Replace the files"
Copy and paste all the reshade and enb files into main game dirInstallation "OPENIV FILES"

Follow the folder structure to install Follow the Folder structure to install
Download the OpenIV from here
For more assistance Use this video


Fully Redone Sky colors-For Deeper blue
for Clear and Extra Sunny
Lighting For Every Weather Changed
No more Ugly Yellowish Effect On Roads
PostFx edited - For Better Tonemapping effects
Rain Edited - Better white sky colors
New Static DOF - Better Than anything
DOF-Depth OF Field -It'll appear without
Focusing with weapons
Sun edited for better colors
And Lighting on ped edited for better brighter peds
Water Edited-For better Reflection
Reflections overhaul edit-Edited the Reflection for everything
Ambient Occlusion - Edited for Foilage,vehicles,PEDS
Converted Neutral into new weather
Totally redone clouds.

Weather cycle
Fully Redone Weather cycle
Better wind etc

New 4k Brokeh
New 4k Fire
New 11k water
New lens flare corona for sun
New Corona For Cars lights and street lights
Fully Overhauled Trees,Plants and added new Plants
whch were not in the game before
New Leaf for Palm
And a new leaf for Fan Palm
Fully Retextured Rocks-With New textures
Fully Retexture Desert with better textures
Realistic skin tones for Micheal and trevor
Real life sand for Beach
(Started weapon overhaul)

Bullets changed from "Instant Hit" to "Projectile" and added forward velocity drop
Recoil increased for all guns, as well as recoil recovery time
Conversion of clip sizes to real life counterparts
Explosives properties adjusted for better explosions (Molotovs burn bigger and longer, grenades have a bit more afterblast, vehicles and other objects burn longer and with more intensity, etc.)
Speeds for some projected explosives increased, grenade launcher, rpg, and stinger fire projectiles at faster speeds
Wider FOV in first person and more weapon recoil
Weapon animations redone
Increased weapon speed

Cops will hear your crime easily
Especially when
killing someone
Hitting a car
Shooting with weapons
Using explosives

Peds behaviour/Ped damage
Increased ped damage when kicking etc
Better combat behaiviour for
Micheal,Trevor and Franklin
New Beast animation as an option - Optional folder

Better relationship with gang members etc

Increased HBAO
Increased Plant Density
Increased Distance scaling
Increased Plant LOD distance
Increased Shaders for Trees
Trees,Plants,Palms will bent more with Winds
Increased DOF while focusing with Bokeh
Completely removed the Ugly Bloom
A Reshade and enb config
for Better contrast,colors and cripsper
gameplay experience
Increased Shadow Distance Scaling
Incresed LOD Distance - Look at the optional folder for that

Fully Redone Weapon sounds
New Sounds For Military vehicles


v2.60 Totally overhauled Sunny weathers - New W.I.P Timecyc added Fully Redone Lighting on Sunny weather
Sky on extrasunny weathers
Darker nights
Night Light intensity reduced
Fixed loading screen crash
made the environement little bit more sharp
added my new smaa settings
Reshade doesn't eat too much of fps now.

v2.50 Some more files were updated to
the latest version of the game
Fully Redone Clearing
Weather including Lighting sky
Redone Sky for Rainy weather
Much better than before
New weathers edited
Snow and Snowlight
-For Now Lighting was only Redone for
-snow Light and Snow
Redone Sun lensflare
Now It's beautiful with much more effects
-If you didn't liked the New lensflare as an option i have added
the old one

If you need any new Reshade preset i will reccomend this mod instead of any other Reshade preset btw it will look goodClick here - Made by HolyDeath3000

MOV Team
  • H2awesome and mkeezay30: Creators
  • HeySlickThatsme: Editing weapons and stuffs+New Sounds
  • Himura: Making gameplay videos/Trailers
  • djasmacco :visual editing to weather files
  • OscarStreet :visual editing/Textures
Created by H2Awesome & Mkeezay30
Thanks for Downloading have fun!

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Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60
Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60 Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60 Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60 Miracle Of V - World Enhancement Project v2.60

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