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GTA V New HQ Road Texture (Highway,City)

Autor: HDMultiChannel | Email
Datum: 08.02.2016
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*Please note this mod is in progress , if i see downloads on this one it will inspire me to work more and make this mod better in the next update THANK YOU*
I am already working on v1.1 *second version , you are getting v1.0 (W.I.P)

This is just beginning , this is my first mod for gta v , no hate pls
the map is huuuuuuge i tried to replace as many textures i could but the job is too big so , this is wip be patient pls... i tested it on 3 computers , no bugs or missing textures

-deleted some cracks of the road(i think i deleted about 100 cracks textures, there is more and more which i will remove within the next update)
-deleted some patched roads
-added new highway road (about 40% of highway)
-added new city roads
-added some new pavements
-hiqh quality textures
In general , about 40% of the roads are finished.

in the next update
- deleting all the cracks on the road
-deleting patched up streets , replacing them with new ones
-new pavements
-adding new roads on map

Done this with GTA IV , turns out great:

Want more mods? Check out our pages ,lot of cool stuff :)

Instalation :

Open OpenIV - Click edit mode , navigate to x64u - levels - gta5 - hills - and follow the folder names,open one by
one and just drag and drop files. repeat the steps with other folders
files in OpenIV

If you need help or information please ask before disliking:

Facebook :

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GTA V New HQ Road Texture (Highway,City)
GTA V New HQ Road Texture (Highway,City) GTA V New HQ Road Texture (Highway,City) GTA V New HQ Road Texture (Highway,City)

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