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Daytime Headlights 1.3 [NEW]

Autor: Soimu
Datum: 13.01.2016
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Dateigröße: 6.606 KB

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This script keeps your car's headlights always on. If you get out the car with engine off, the headlights will turn off, otherwise they will stay on (if you have them enabled).

Latest version of Script Hook V
Latest version of Script Hook V .NET
Latest version of NativeUI

To access the menu press F5.
To turn on/off headlights, default key is G, but you can change that from the menu.

Place DaytimeHeadlights.dll and DaytimeHeadlights.config in your GTA V/scripts folder.

- New GUI options to easily change options in-game
- Now the script saves your settings so you will not lose them when you restart game
- New option to toggle mod on/off
- You can now select if the other vehicles have headlights on or off during daytime
- You can now set the other vehicles headlights intensity
- You can now set if the other vehicles will have normal or xenon headlights
- The headlights are enabled by default
- Some bug fixes
- Fixed bug where parked vehicles had headlights on
1.2: Totally rescripted using another language. Here are the new features:
- It includes a config file named 'DaytimeHeadlights.ini'
- You can now set your own key to enable/disable headlights (default G)
- The other vehicles have now the headlights enabled during daytime (can modify in the config file).
1.1: You can now turn off headlights by pressing the "G" key. If you have headlights turned on, pressing the headlights key (default "H" key) will switch between lowbeams and highbeams.
1.0: First release.

- Controller support

If you have any suggestion just comment it.

Hope you like my mod :)

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Daytime Headlights 1.3 [NEW]
Daytime Headlights 1.3 [NEW] Daytime Headlights 1.3 [NEW]

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