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Madrazo's Beach House [Menyoo]

Autor: abstractmode
Datum: 10.12.2015
Downloads: 23165
Dateigröße: 4.071 MB

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Madrazo's cliffside house from Story Mode, reconstructed on a scenic seaside cliff in North Chumash. To install this you'll need OpenIV, Object Spawn Unlocker by GTAMultiplayer Team and Menyoo PC by MAFINS. More detailed installation instructions are in the readme.

This mod was created by taking the destroyed pieces of Madrazo's house from the story mode cutscene, piecing them together with Menyoo, then setting transparent props underneath the deck to simulate collision rigging (because the map pieces have none).

This is a VERY rough first draft. The deck and interior can only be accessed by using air break/teleport. There is no collision with most of the props on the deck or walls inside the house, and one of the "root" pieces of the house model will sometimes disappear momentarily when you look at it from below. Furniture is sparse as well, because I wanted to put all this in 1 menyoo file, so I only had 256 slots to work with.

This is also my first experiment with releasing prop textures alongside a map. I've been reskinning a few props so that I can have more realistic textures like hardwood floors and stucco walls. If you know how to import ydr models into the game and want to help me make a GTA V mansion-builder's kit, then drop me a line in the comments.

I don't plan on expanding much on this, I just wanted to put this out as kind of a proof of concept because I wasn't aware of anyone having done yet. I may release a version 0.2 that is just the completed deck and transparent props to simulate collision, so those of you who are better at this stuff than I am can use it as a base and build your own designs on top of it.

Let me know if there are any issues. Feel free to reupload wherever and use in videos; a credit or linkback to my youtube channel is appreciated.

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Madrazo's Beach House [Menyoo]
Madrazo's Beach House [Menyoo] Madrazo's Beach House [Menyoo] Madrazo's Beach House [Menyoo]

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