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Ultra Smooth Color Changer

Autor: T-Mind
Datum: 30.11.2015
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bad english incoming :p

i saw a car color changer mod and my eyes started to bleeding...
so i decided to create a new one with slower speed and smooth changing.

E: start slow mode*/ start speed mode*/ stop color changing
Page Up: switch the rgb values of the current color.
Page Down: invert the calculation. if r/g/b is in plus mode it changes to minus...
Divide: current color becomes darker
Multiply: current color becomes brighter
Delete: random color

slow mode: the color changes slowly
speed mode: higher speed => faster color changing

if you choose a chrome, metall, pearl, dull ... color, the effect will hold on,
only the ground color will change.

the secondary color is also changing, but in a darker nuance.

how it works:
every value of r/g/b will be enlarge to maximum ( 255 ) than it will be reduced to 0, than repeats...
only one r/g/b color will be randomly calculated. if you invert the calculation (+/-) you may
not get the last color, because of the random calculation. ;)
it also means that colors needs a long time to change, if you have a white or black color it takes minutes to get a strong color. use the delete key for a random color and switch the rgb values if you don't want to wait. ;)


you need:



put the ultra-smoth-color-changer.dll in the scripts folder in your gta5 folder.

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Ultra Smooth Color Changer

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