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V for Villain Incremental Update 2

Autor: Minion & Tucker20011 & Brick
Datum: 21.11.2015
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It's been awhile since we uploaded anything, or when we did gave any sign of life, however, V for Villain is still up and running strong,

The Beta has ended, as tucker did most of the work on incremental update 2, and i left the the fate of V for Villain in Tuckers hands,

Bricks also joined our team, and is helping tucker here and there with a few things, and we have started looking into pushing V for Villain to PS3 aswell, i already had this idea for quite some time,

but can almost confirm for 100% this will become reality now.

Me being absent now is due to some difficult personal issues, but this won't mean V for Villain is going away, not by a long shot, as we even will push further.

Take care, guys,

V for Villain

and enjoy this update!

17/10/2015 - First Release, Small update

21/10/2015 - Second Release, Update for 1.30

30/10/2015 - Third Release, Menu redone which has fixed alot of things

17/11/2015 - Fourth Release, Menu redone(Again to fix bugs) and lots of things added and tweaked

Change Log

Update 1

- ported over and redone entire menu

- Full car godmode (doesn't even scratch your cars paint anymore)

- No menu flickering on car spawner, skin changer, movement clipsets etc

- Self money drop

- vehicle kick in online bypassed

- Organized & optimized and completed the car spawner

- Organized & optimized and completed the skin changer

- teleporting without your car is fixed

- force field added

- new DLC weapons

- Halloween Cars

- Lowrider cars (including the 2 new vehicles)

- complete character customizer

- added Vehicle RPM, 0 to 1000

- added Vehicle torgue, 0 to 1000

- RP Reaper Delay 100 to 300

- Added Gravity Gun (Thanks to Simms/Sudo from Sick)

- Removed Special Stuff (this stuff can now be found in the character customizer)

- Temporary Removed 'Clear all Props' from player menu

Update 2

- added invidual weapon selection with pickable tint

- Completed the vehicle list, really this time

- LCS Customs Menu

- Added 70 more scenario's

- Stop scenario buttom added

- Counter in the top right of the menu

- Player can barely drive with a passenger in the car is fixed

- vehicle & frame menu for invidual players fixed

- Benny's motorworks added (the customisations)

- Began adding 'map mods'

- tunables added (fully working)

- lowrider customisations added to 'all mods' in the vehicle menu

- name changer added

- Added an no-intro

- Added Rapid Fire

- Fixed Clone Vehicle


Numpad 8/up arrow to move up

numpad 5 to select/turn on or off

numpad 2/down arrow to move down

F3 to open the menu

numpad 0 to close the menu


Open = LB+Pad Down
Navigate = Pad Up & Pad Down
Select = X
Back/Exit = B


Minion & Tucker20011 & Brick
Big_Ghost_Gamer (for his source)

Special Thanks

Mojow & Gr3yf0x
All Beta/Alpha Testers, and poeple using our menu.

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V for Villain Incremental Update 2
V for Villain Incremental Update 2 V for Villain Incremental Update 2

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