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Vehicle Functions [.NET] - v1.0a

Autor: Vertelvis
Datum: 15.08.2015
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Dateigröße: 27.349 KB

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Scratchmade by Vertelvis

Vehicle Functions is a trainer focussed on adding functions relating to vehicles to the game through an easy to use menu system and hotkeys. Currently the script features (among others) a sophisticated vehicle spawning system, vehicle color manipulation (standard and custom), livery control, extras toggling along with more basic features such as vehicle repair or cleaning.

-ScripthookV .NET

Default Hotkeys:
Numpad * : Show/Hide menu, back to Main Menu
Numpad 8 : Menu Up
Numpad 2 : Menu Down
Numpad 5 : Menu Enter

Numpad - : Menu Decrease
Shift + Numpad - : Menu Decrease by 10
Numpad + : Menu Increase
Shift + Numpad + : Menu Increase by 10

Numpad 1 : Vehicle Clean
Numpad 7 : Vehicle Repair
Numpad 9 : Vehicle Engine On/Off

U : Left Indicator
I : Right Indicator
Numpad 3 : Hazards

Changed in v1.0a:
- Added controller support
- Credited sp4c3m4n

Release Notes:
I only upload my mods to the following sites:

I do this to ensure that you are always up to date with the latest version of my mods, since I
frequently update them. I hope you respect this and do not upload this package to other websites.


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Vehicle Functions [.NET] - v1.0a
Vehicle Functions [.NET] - v1.0a Vehicle Functions [.NET] - v1.0a Vehicle Functions [.NET] - v1.0a

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