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PoliceMod 2 v2.0.1

Autor: dehan
Datum: 14.08.2015
Downloads: 115634 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 11.962 MB

9.75 bei 16 Bewertungen

- Requirements -
· Latest version of Grand Theft Auto V (must not be a pirated copy)
· Latest ScriptHook version
· Latest ScriptHook Dot Net
· Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable
· Net Framework 4.5.2

- Installation -
First make sure you have scripthook v installed aswell as scripthook dot net and have all the requirements noted above.
Drag ALL files in the PoliceMod zip file to your grand theft auto v main directory scripts folder. /scripts/
This means ALL Files, the ini file, asi file, and sound files. All files must be in there in order to work.

- Description -
Police Mod 2 is the long awaited sequel to the PoliceMod series, and lets you become a officer of the law. This is a early version of PoliceMod 2 and things such as callouts are still work in progress, much is to be added on a weekly basis. Updates will be released on Sunday every week.

- Controls -

- F5 - Menu Duty
- F6 - Backup Menu
- F3 - Realistic Duty
- BUSY TOGGLE press jJ
- Aim & Press E to arrest
- Shift to pull over
- Space, Backspace, Enter
- Up, Down, Left, Right

- Bugs -
Know bugs
if you are taking a suspect to the station and your partner wants to go in their seat, he/she will pull them out and take it
currently cops will shoot at the ped during a pursuit which doesn't allow you to arrest them unless you find a way to make the cop not shoot them.

Pullover are doing an arrest doesn't work for me, will fix asap. Any other bugs please report. This is really an early version of the mod, you can see on the roadmap in a few weeks the most will be fully complete with ambient arrests etc.
Everythign is a work in progress, update will arrive tomorrow to fix some more issues. Enjoy!

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PoliceMod 2 v2.0.1
PoliceMod 2 v2.0.1

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