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NewHeists [.NET] v0.2.5

Autor: Marcv0dka
Datum: 21.07.2015
Downloads: 2814
Dateigröße: 0.504 MB

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1. Introduction
2. Keybindings
3. Installation
4. Known Issues
6. Changelog
7. Credits

==1. Introduction==
This mod adds some new heists. At the moment their is just one misson, the heist of an armoured truck. This is a nice way to earn some extra cash!
You have to find the mission, located anywhere in the town. If you find the location where it spawns, follow the instuctions on screen.
This is my first Mod for GTAV, so please be nice :)
I really hope you enjoy it

==2. Keybindings==
Press "INSERT", to reload the Mod.
Press "Numpad1", to activate the Mod.
Press "Numpad3", to deactivate the Mod.
Now you can customize your activate/deactivate key in the .ini file

==3. Installation==
Make sure you have both the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (x64) installed.
Download and install Script Hook V (including the ASI loader). You may download it from
Download the latest Script Hook V .NET from GitHub and copy the ASI into your game folder.
Extract the provided NewHeists.dll to /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/
If that folder does not exists, make one.

==4. Known Issues==
Blip route sometimes disappears. This is a global issue and a fix is yet unknown.Sometimes the Guards kill themselves, but I don't know how to fix it.
==5. TODO==
--Make a much better Version of this Mod, with a little mod menu, but don't know how so it will take a while!
-Add more missions
-Maybe add a little planing function like in the story, but it could be difficult xD

==6. Changelog==
Version 0.2.5
--Missions are easier to find
--Customize your Keys in the .ini file
--Bank robbery added, but does'nt work.Version 0.2
--Compatibility with the latest ScriptHookDotNetVersion 0.1
--Initial Release
==7. Credits==
Script written by Marcv0dka

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NewHeists [.NET] v0.2.5

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