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Spotlight [RagePluginHook] v0.9

Autor: alexguirre
Datum: 05.07.2015
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Toggle the spotlight with I in the keyboard or LB + X in the controller. To move it use the NumPad keys in the keyboard or LB + method you select in the .ini(LeftStick, RightStick or DPad) by default LeftStick. To use the tracking press NumPad1 to track peds or NumPad3 to track vehicles. To use use the in-game edit mode press Insert.
Additionally in v0.9 was added the ability to move the spotlight with your mouse, by default press LControlKey and move your mouse.

Check the .ini file to change the keys and buttons, disable the keyboard or the controller or edit the spotlight settings(I recommend to use the in-game edit mode)


-Author: alexguirre

-Thanks to MulleDK19 and LMS for creating RagePluginHook.

-Thanks to Alpha30xyz for testing the mod. Check his channel:

-First public release.

-Fixed a bug which made the mod not load properly from the startup.rphs.

-Fixed a bug which made the mod crash if the car with the spotlight activated
-Added compatibility with the latest RAGEPluginHook(Open Alpha - 0.16.607.3592).

-Spotlight can be use in several cars at the same time
(Thanks to FinKone for helping me with this).
-The speed movement can now be changed. Check the .ini file.
-Added an in-game edit mode. Check the .ini file for the controls.
-Added shadows.
-Added auto-tracking for peds and vehicles.
-Better spotlight origin position for all police vehicles.
-Added compatibility with with the latest RAGEPluginHook
(Open Alpha - 0.17.639.4039).
Don't use any other version, it uses functions that are bugged in previous versions.

-Compiled using latest RAGEPluginHook(0.20)
-Added fadeout setting.

-Added controller support. Check the .ini file to change the toggle button, the
modifier button and select the method to use: LeftStick, RightStick or DPad.
-Completely changed edit mode.
-Added a configuration for the spotlight origin position for each vehicle, mainly for
modded cars so the spotlight won't be under the hood or similar. Check the .ini file
for more information.
-Code optimization.

-Compiled using RAGEPluginHook 0.23 and .NET Framework 4.6.
If you use RAGE 0.23 the spotlight position setting will use the proper model name for added DLC or modded vehicles and the tracking vehicles not working while you use a non-emergency vehicle bug has been fixed

-Possibility to use the spotlight with boats.
-Added mouse controls. By default press LControlKey and move the mouse to move the spotlight. Check the .ini file to change the modifier key and disable this control method.

-Install RagePluginHook(Open Alpha - 0.25+). Not sure if it works with previous versions. You can download it from here:
-Drop the folder "Plugin" inside the main GTA V folder, where GTA5.exe is.



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Spotlight [RagePluginHook] v0.9
Spotlight [RagePluginHook] v0.9

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