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Armored Packs v2.0

Autor: rayblazes
Datum: 25.06.2015
Downloads: 2588 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 32.199 KB

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Armored Packs v2.0 - KIFFLOM!
Features v2.0:
• Add 2 New Car Dealer
* Epsilon Charity Program donate now and you will be rewarded by Kraff. KIFFLOM!
* Rednecks Local Dealer from weed farmer to car dealer? Why not?
• New Menu System, PRESS E to open menu when near the dealer
• New Car added
• New price for balance gameplay
• New Heist Mission : Dealer now drop random amount of money when getting killed
(Note: You cannot buy when dealer is dead)

Armored Packs v1.0 - 4 Dealer
Features v1.0:
• Add Car Dealer for people that doesn't like to use cheat and get that car by his/her own hardwork
• 4 Car Dealer with its own unique vehicle and price
* Russian Mafia with its Armored Cars
* African Arms Dealer with Military vehicles in your control
* Chinese Black Market offer you Sports cars that you can buy
* Mexican Smuggler for you who like off-road
• Blips with Dealer location on map
• Buy MP Exclusive Vehicle in SP
• You can only buy 1 car in each dealers in a day
(remember, this is smuggling vehicle need to wait for another shipment)
• Dealer can respawn if being killed
(Note: Dealer have weapon, you should think before try to kill them)
• All car from dealer have upgraded armor

• Script Hook V
• Lua Plugin for Script Hook V

How to Install:
1. Extract "2S-ArmoredPacks v2.0"
2. Copy and put "scripts" folder to your GTA V installation folder
3. Make sure you have all the requirements for this mod to works
4. Have fun! ;)

Mod is not working?
Please make sure you have the latest version of Script Hook V and Lua Plugin for Script Hook V.
If you still encounter a problem, please leave a comments about the problem and your game version.

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Armored Packs v2.0
Armored Packs v2.0 Armored Packs v2.0 Armored Packs v2.0

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