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Autor: Graphicscore | Email
Datum: 17.06.2015
Downloads: 2162 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 3.966 KB

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Hello there, this is my first release so bare with me.
This Mod, displays all various kinds of information about the position/vehicle/armoury etc. More information will come over time.
If you enable the Aiming Mode you can retrieve information about driving/walking peds and vehicles (they will freeze if aimed)

The monitors can be activated separately.

You need the latest Scripthook (currently v1.0):
You need the latest .NET Scripthook (currently v1.0):

To install the script just drop the "DevMonitor.cs" into your /scripts/ folder.

Follow me on facebook to keep updated about upcoming releases, updates, new scripts, tutorials etc :)

ChangeLog :

Planned :
Environment Monitor
Camera Information Monitor

Secret Stuff -hehe-

Version 0.71:
Added a .INI File
Added a Light Version for less ugly view blocking :)
Added an aim mode, if you aim on a ped/vehicle it will freeze and you can see information about the vehicle/ped, more to come

Version 0.61:
Fixed a Bug (Removed the 'Ped' , 'Vehicle' subtitle).
Made internal changes for further updates.

Version 0.6:
Added new fancy Menu to enable the Monitors.

Version: 0.5:
Added Weapon Monitor
Added Vehicle Monitor
Added Position Monitor

Press F10 for the Menu

PS: If you miss some kind of monitor leave a comment and I may implement them if they are useful. A Menu will be implemented too someday.
Have Fun :)

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Developer Monitors
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