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The Unstoppable Force

Autor: shenaniganizer
Datum: 04.06.2015
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The Unstoppable Force is here! :D

It's still being developed but is mostly finished. There may be some bugs here and there, if you encounter any let me know so I can work on fixing them. There will be more features added with later versions such as a mod menu (no more numpad :D), all directional charge attacks (currently only forward/backward, animations being added later) and many more. Download this mod and test it out, let me know what you think :D

==========[ Description ]==========
The Unstoppable Force turns you into... well... an Unstoppable Force :P

The mod is in it's early stages so things like objects (street lamps, signs, dumpsters, etc) haven't been coded yet. I'm still waiting on a reliable native for obtaining relative objects, once that shows up I'll add this right away!

==========[ NOT FOR GTAO ]==========
Using certain mods in GTA Online could net you a ban, so don't do it! Keep mods like this in single player only.

==========[ Mod Features ]==========
Run super fast!
Jump super high!
Knock back cars and peds when you run into them :O
Some air maneuverability after jumping
Charge attacks! Works on the ground and in the air, will have an animation added later
No waiting upon landing, immediately go back to running or jump again!
Emergency brake for slowing down and stopping.
Steer while running works like drifting a car, force is applied in a forward direction. To maneuver quickly: Look in the direction you want to go, hit the ebrake a few times, then continue sprinting.
Able to increase and decrease all variables real time using hotkeys (for now, mod menu in 0.2!)
Lot's more cool stuff :D
Hotkeys (all on the numpad, except for the emergency brake):
Toggle mod on or off: " . "
Enable/Disable screen effects: " 9 "
Decrease jump force by 10: " / "
Increase jump force by 10: " * "
Emergency brake: " e "
Decrease impact and charge force by 10: " 3 "
Increase impact and charge force by 10: " 6 "
Decrease run speed modifier: " 7 "
Increase run speed modifier: " 8 "
Decrease force field radius: " 4 "
Increase force field radius: " 5 "
Charge attack forward: " 1 "
Charge attack backward: " 2 "

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The Unstoppable Force

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