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Total Real Driving Simulator Mod

Autor: baronesbc
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Datum: 31.05.2015
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TITLE: Total Real Driving Simulator Mod - realistic handling for all vehicles - damage mod included

This mod makes much more realistic the driving physics and damage to all vehicles in the game, including motorcycles, bikes and planes.
Initially I created this mod for personal use only, but subsequently I decided to publish it and share it with other people who like me prefer a more simulative game.

Every car now has its own characteristics that make it unique. You can feel the weight of the car when cornering, the braking times are much longer (with the possibility to lock the tires), lower and realistic grip, and finally is possible the drifting!
Revised also the damage, now much more evident.

I made changes to the traction, braking, suspensions, the weight of each vehicle including bicycles! I also removed that annoying false effect of turbulence in all planes and helicopters.

I strongly suggest you to play in this mod with a steering wheel, to have an even more addictive experience!
You will find a small tutorial on how to use it in the video informations.

Be careful to install in the right location the various "handling" files that you will find in the archive.
In order to change each vehicle on GTA V I had to work on several "handling" files in the directory of the game, so you must install all them to get the changes in all vehicles.

Installation Guide:

1- Download the mod and extract the contents of the archive in the desktop or where you want.

2 - To install the mod you need the program OpenIV 2.6, if you have not it, download and install. Read the instructions for the use. It will allow you to install in the right locations each "handling" file.

3 - Now open the folder that you extracted in the desktop, inside it you will find two subfolders:
main handling
dlcpacks handling
In each folder you will find the "handling" file and a document file that indicates the installation location of the corresponding file.
In the "main handling" there are the most vehicles of GTA 5, while in "dlcpacks handling" you will find the remaining.

4 - Open OpenIV (I suggest you to make a backup of the original files that you have to replace), and replace the original "Handling.meta" files with the modified files.

5 - Enjoy!

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Total Real Driving Simulator Mod

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