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TeleKinesis v0.9 Lua

Autor: DaveA93
Datum: 25.05.2015
Downloads: 3541
Dateigröße: 3.197 KB

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Can now select whether to effect pedestrians or vehicles they are both on a toggle and so can select both

Can use pyrokinesis to light nearby Entities on fire

Can Select whether effecting closest Entities or all in range
Hope you enjoy :)

To install:
Script Hook V:

the LUA plugin 9.0 (NOT V10):

Both of these should go in your main GTA5 folder
and then just Unpack inside scripts\addins folder

Key bindings:
(White Text for enable & disable)
Numpad Multiply : Enabled / Disable Powers

(Green text for Enable , Red for Disable)
Numpad 7 :Toggle effecting Pedestrians
Numpad 9: Toggle effecting Vehicles

Numpad 5: Lifts entitys Up
Numpad 0: Slams entitys down

Numpad 8: Throws entitys in field of effect north
Numpad 2: Throws entitys in field of effect south
Numpad 4: Throws entitys in field of effect west
Numpad 6: Throws entitys in field of effect east

Numpad 1: Pyrokinesis (if peds selected sets npcs in range on fire / if vehicles selected burns npcs in cars)

Numpad 3 : Toggles (Multiple Entities effected by Powers)/(Single Closest Entity effected by powers)

Updated in 0.6 :
npcs now ragdoll when in players field of effect
slam now reduces npc health to make them more vulenerable to floors ;)

Updated in 0.6a:
Made all modules into a single plugin

Updated in 0.6b:
added a toggle F10 to enable F11 to Disable

Updated in 0.6c:
added a toggle B to enable N to Disable as people were having problems with the F10 keys will put both onto single key later

Updated in 0.6d:
removed animations from pushs and slams (liked them at first but got annoying) left animation on lift ability but made it faster so can keep moving after it
changed toggle to one button the numpad multiply the mod starts of disabled by default so you have to turn it on before it will work you can change this by setting

"local Enabled = false " (causes you to have to enable powers)
"local Enabled = true" (powers enabled on startup)

updated in 0.7:

Added ability to set npcs in range on fire
reduced throw lag where pedestrians were stopping midair

Updated in 0.8:
now get text feedback when mod enabled or not enabled

Updated in 0.8a:
should reduce problems with npcs just being lifted and not rising probably
added ability to put out fires you've lit on npcs (dosen't work on dead yet)

Updated in 0.8b :
repaired everything that i broke in 0.8a XD npcs should now lift and be thrown correctly still not fixed pyrokinesis as of 0.8b
removed animation

Updated in 0.9 : added ability to choose between effecting multiple entities with powers or just a single one (toggled between the two)

coming soon:

ability to change force of throw dynamically within game

as so many people dislike the north east south west will work on making the overall field and direction of throw effected by the player direction or maybe camera angle ill see what can find to make it work :)

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TeleKinesis v0.9 Lua
TeleKinesis v0.9 Lua TeleKinesis v0.9 Lua

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