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Real Police Offenses [.NET] 1.1

Autor: qwerasdzxc
Datum: 26.05.2015
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Dateigröße: 9.416 KB

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This is a script that simulates Police Offense System.


- In V1.1:
- Mod is active only if you're driving a car or a bike
- If you're driving any kind of an emergency vehicle, police won't scan your speed or look at your vehicle damage
- If you already have wanted level, police will ignore your offenses

- In V1.0b:
- Added version without bodyguards
- Minor bug fixes and code optimization

Featuring (V1.0):

- Numerous new locations for parked police vehicles in the city and highway.

- They are monitoring your speed, if you drive over the speed limits near Police officers they will first warn you and eventually they will try to stop you by force.

- They are looking at your vehicle condition, if you're vehicle is damaged a lot and you pass by the Police, they'll warn you to fix or leave the vehicle. If you choose not to listen them, they will chase you and try to stop you.

- Bodyguard system included. You can spawn up-to 5 different trained Police bodyguards to follow and protect you. They will follow you into your vehicle and protect you untill death.

More things soon to come so please suggest any ideas that you have and I'll try to implement them in the Mod.

If you have any bugs or problems, please share them here!


Author: qwerasdzxc
Coding help: c39687 and Mcfloy on GTA:F

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Real Police Offenses [.NET] 1.1

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