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Enhanced Wallets

Autor: Drkz
Datum: 17.05.2015
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This mod will get replace the (famous in the franchise) glowing stack of bills on the ground when you kill or rob someone by a wallet. Yes, a wallet. That's all there's to it. Please don't dislike.

Actually, there's more to it. You have the choice between four different options listed below :

Glow and no sound: the wallet will glow (or "pulse"), similar to the bills in the standard game to help you find it on the ground butter but will not produce that "bleep" sound when you pick it up.

Glow and sound: this is the standard GTA V configuration, the wallet will glow and will produce a sound when you pick it up.

No glow no sound: the wallet will not glow, therefore will be harder to see on the ground, and will not produce any sound when picked up, mostly meant for first person

No glow and no sound reduced range: aka the immersive / realistic version, the wallet will not glow, will not produce a sound when picked up, and you will need to be closer, almost the foot on it, to actually pick the money up, mostly meant for the most hardcore, brutal and dedicated FPS players.

I honestly don't think this mod will be updated as there's not much to expand upon. But if you guys really want it, i can apply the same concept to pickable weapons (removing the glow and whatnot). Feel free to ask.

How to install

Start OpenIV
Navigate to Grand Theft Auto V \ update \ update.rpf \ common \ data
Activate edit mode
Replace (you can just drag and drop) pickups.meta with the one coming in this archive
Disable edit mode
Enjoy !

If you fuck something up the original file is included in the archive, just in case. Or if you simply want to uninstall.


1.0 - Initial Release

Last notes

If you plan to include this mod in your mod or straight use some of these values, feel free to, absolutely no issues whatsoever sharing is caring, but drop a little credit somewhere. Thanks. It doesn't look like much but it does take time. Mostly because the game has to be relaunched at every single, tiniest tweak.

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Enhanced Wallets

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