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Instant Customs II

Autor: Serban
Datum: 14.05.2015
Downloads: 4973 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 5.255 KB

7.86 bei 7 Bewertungen

This mod requires LUA Plugin for Script Hook V 10.1.
The GUI of this mod is based on kmcgurty1's GUI Wrapper.

This mod allows you to Upgrade any Car to the maximum possible. You can Upgrade all parts at once or just the Engine (Engine, Brakes, Transmission, Suspension, Turbo), the performance Parts (Spoiler, Exhaust), the cosmetic parts (Bumpers, Sideskirts, Frame, Grill, Hood, Fenders, Roof, Xenon), the safety Features (Armor, Shooting save tires). This mod also ,makes you able to fix, clean and paint your car, to add neon or change the paint type. You can change the plates and the Plate text (predefined in InstanCustomsII.lua) You can even create your own Metal and Chrome Colors like green metal or Blue Chrome. The color menu can be extended by own colors (look at InstantCustomsII.lua).

Installation and Usage:
-Install Scripthook V
-Install LUA Plugin for Script Hook V
-Copy the folder in the archive to the GTA Directory:
-Press [NUM9] to toggle the Menu (Can be changed easily)
-Navigate with [NUM8]->Up, [NUM5]->Select/Enter, [NUM2]->Down, [NUM0]->Back/close

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Instant Customs II
Instant Customs II Instant Customs II Instant Customs II

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