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Real 4x4 Handling Mod - Choose Any Car! v1

Autor: runitsalpha
Datum: 13.05.2015
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Choose the car you want to do wheelies with and copy my code onto the car in the handling.meta.

Instructions are in the download.

I have included original handling.meta also for backup.

You NEED OpenIV 2.6.
1. Open OpenIV
2. Go to update > update.rpf > common > data
3. Copy handling.meta to a folder and make sure to make a backup. (Or use the one I provided)
4a. Copy the code I gave and place it into the code of another car.
4b. This is explained in the jpg picture but go down to 'AVERAGE'
5. Now rename the handling.meta file to handling.meta if it isn't already.
6a. Then copy your modified handling.meta into the folder you got it from.
7b. Make sure to enable edit mode.

Use my original and 4x4 SandKing handling.meta as reference if you get stuck
Or just use the 4x4 SandKing handling.meta if you only want the 4x4 SandKing mod.

Now you can choose any car to be a 4x4 machine.

Credit: JPG made by _astroAtomic

This is not allowed to be reuploaded to other websites without my permission.

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Real 4x4 Handling Mod - Choose Any Car! v1

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