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Ragdoll Parkour

Autor: Shoop
Datum: 13.05.2015
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'RAGDOLL PARKOUR', the first 'Parkour' mod for GTA V, this is a very simple LUA script, it allows the player to perform stunts and quick vaults etc in a ragdoll fashion.


Place the Lua file in the addins folder in the LUA plugin folder.

If you're using the LUA Plugin (Developer version) a UI element will open indicating that the LUA plugin has
been loaded, it should also say 'gta_parkour' loaded.


Ragdoll parkour allows you to fly forwards to places that you may not be able to reach in the vanilla game.
It also allows for some pretty cool cinematic scenes, and allows you to create fluid parkour scenarios.

To use, you can jump / run and press or hold the X key, this will put your player into a ragdoll state and apply
force to it.


Although I've enabled invincibility whilst holding the X key so you can perform safe landings, it never
hurts to turn on Invicibility with a trainer, this will ensure you don't die when performing stunts.

Try sprinting and using the X key as well as jumping, this gives you an idea on how your character will act
when using different control combinations.

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Ragdoll Parkour

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