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Hydraulics 2

Autor: LetsPlayOrDy
Datum: 08.05.2015
Downloads: 2887 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 60.791 KB

7.50 bei 2 Bewertungen

A simple hydraulics mod.
v2 now has it so you can use all axles, front, back, left, and right.

How to install:
Make sure you have the latest version of GTA V.
Install latest Script Hook V by Alexander Blade (
Copy the "Hydraulics.asi" and "Hydraulics.xml" files to your GTA V directory.

How to use:
Press F5 to toggle the mod.
Press NumPad5 to go up on all axles.
Press NumPad8 to go up on the front axle.
Press NumPad2 to go up on the rear axle.
Press NumPad4 to go up on the left axle.
Press NumPad6 to go up on the right axle.

Customization options:
All keys. Use this website to get the hex value for the key you want to use:

Some cars will jump higher than others.
Sometimes under certain circumstances you can jump REALLY high.
This mod was made for smaller vehicles, so the hydraulics doesn't really work very well on vehicles like buses, dump trucks.
This mod uses TinyXML 2 for customization.

I don't plan on developing this mod anymore, but, if there is enough want for an addition or change, then I will come back to it.

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