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Manual Transmission

Autor: Luiisjoseda
Datum: 04.05.2015
Downloads: 9356
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UPDATE v1.2:
+ Changed the whole system, now you must hold down the clutch and switch to your gear.
+ Added clutch (as I said above)

- Removed the 5th gear for now.
- Fixed a bug where disabling wouldn't actually disable, and taxi drivers were forced to drive stick.
+ Added a MTconfig.ini (BIG thanks to ItzWelsh) so you can configure this and use it how you want to. If you want to know which keys are which, use this as referece -
Also please note that I am constantly working on upgrading this mod, please be patient, I will try to add everything this mod needs within time!!

UPDATE v1.1:
+ Added down shift system; "G" on keyboard, and "R3"/"RS" on gamepads.
+ Added realistic car shut offs if you're not driving properly :)

NEWS UPDATE: I have been reading all your comments and I will pursue to fulfill everything you guys want in this mod but that means I will need TIME so bear with me :)

This mod allows you to drive all vehicles in manual transmission, meaning you have to switch gears while driving.
I made this mod because I personally drive stick shift and I love it, I made it really quickly and it may have a few bugs, so if you find any please report them back to me. This mod is not intended for high speeds, the main use of this mod is for fun "realistic" driving.

To enable/disable, press Dpad right on your game pad or Right arrow on your keyboard.
Hold down the clutch to switch into your preferred gear(Default "Left Shift").

Default Gear keybinds: Numpad1 - Gear 1, Numpad2 - Gear2, Numpad3 - Gear3, Numpad4 - Gear4.
(This mod is no where near perfected yet, early beta)
Choose your preferred key bonds with the MTconfig.ini

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Manual Transmission

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