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Szabo's Persistance Mod - Scripthook (LUA)

Autor: Szabo
Datum: 28.04.2015
Downloads: 2995
Dateigröße: 0.613 KB

6.00 bei 1 Bewertungen

What it does:
It makes the last 5 cars you've entered never despawn.

1-Figure if the stolen cars you return are affected by this mod or if they are happily despawning - if not, then fix. (invalid, see below)

1.5-Remove persistence of vehicle if it's being driven and player is not on it to prevent problems.
2-Make the cars bought by the player stay on the map forever, even after restarting the game, so you can have 'garages' just anywhere.
3-Add a limit to the owned cars that can be on the map at once, and make something like the impound for the old ones (but with an unlimited list and most importantly, something that WORKS as opposite to the impound which is terribly broken since the first PS3 version (R*, you lazy besterds!)).

Please forgive any bad practices in the script because as a Python hobbyist programmer (pro wannabe), I hate lua and never used it before, but I hate C++ even more so lua was the way to go :p.

Just install scripthook, the lua plugin for the scripthook and place the attached script in the scripts/addins folder, delete the other scripts in that folder if you're not using them.

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