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Weapon System Metadata Modifier [ Cut Weapon | Metadata | OIV Only ]

Autor: Nozomu-san
Datum: 05.02.2022
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WARNING - This mod is built for 1.0.2545 (The Contract Update) Compatible Only - If your game is not this one, do not install this mod.

Do not compare the "Special" contents with this mod. Even though it is truly based on, but not LUA file or Replacing contents.
Another small warning, weapon list, fire rate, feed system or ammunation, any modifications in this mod may result in game crash.

This mod shall modify entire weapon feed system, fire rate and ammo capacity, and then will be gun recoil (Now not yet published cause not discovered).

Are you ever think about gun fire rate? If you are, there must be boring. Slow, poor, etc... Whatever you do, I see someone like you want at least a mod for gun fire rate.
Note is, this mod does not modify gun recoil yet.

If you wish to install to "mods" folder, you will need at least file mpsecurity\dlc.rpf and update.rpf. To do that, you will apply ASI Loader and OpenIV.asi. While in-game, a trainer is also to spawn weapons.

Version 1.0 - Build 253
Official Release - Unfinished for "The Contract" Weapons.
Version 1.1 - Build 262
Fixed for "The Contract" Weapons.
Version 1.2 - Build 281
Able to pickup ammo from dropped weapons.
Version: 1.3 - Build 328
Contents (Version 1.3 - Current)
*Adjusters are removed from package file. It stills required to install the mod. If not, it won't crash the game, but will not load weapon model properly. I tried with Sniper Rifle, it does not spawn a scope.

For adjusters you will need (recommend at least):
Packfile Limit Adjuster by alloc8or
Heap Limit Adjuster by hydrogen-cfx
Heap Adjuster by Dilapidated
Weapon Limits Adjuster by alexguirre

- Added cut Weapon "Tear Gas Launcher" aka Smoke Grenade Launcher. Carry on Heavy Weapon Slot, next to Grenade Launcher and RPG can only be spawned using a trainer that enter weapon model manually to use.

- Download and paste at least ScriptHookV.dll to directory
- Download and install OpenIV. Don't forget enable "ASI Loader" and "OpenIV.asi". Install to mods folder is recommended.
- Download the oiv package as I uploaded here and install using OpenIV.
This package will modify:
mpsecurity\dlc.rpf & update.rpf (Version 1.0 - Current).

Later notes.

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Weapon System Metadata Modifier [ Cut Weapon | Metadata | OIV Only ]

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