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Black LED Streetlights

Autor: Venkey
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Datum: 21.11.2021
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BLS - Black LED Streetlights is just for fps enhancement project and dark nights feature, this mod disables all lighting of the streetlights,building lights, interior & exterior lighting systems and provides fps improvements upto 20+ or more FPS and gives darker nights

You must join the server in order to get updates and patches and recoveries and whatever the support you need regarding to the mod

HORROR EDITION DLC , Introducing Headlight Nights in overall world , fits PERFECT for who loves to drive the WHOLE GTA only with Headlights. HORROR EDITION -DLC Pack gives you more stable and more FPS to the GAME.

NOTE This BLS has been a exclusive feature for White LED Streetlights 3.0 HDSRL

Download the Original Mod -

Screenshots credits goes to Bunny™#9724 ( Discord ID )
Venkey - Me

Facebook -

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Black LED Streetlights
Black LED Streetlights Black LED Streetlights Black LED Streetlights Black LED Streetlights

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