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Art Style Graphics V v2.0

Autor: metalwars
Datum: 18.09.2021
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Dateigröße: 135.739 MB

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GTA V Art Style Graphics V mod by metalwars

This is NOT realistic graphics, but graphics with GTA art style (GTA loading screen or wallpaper looks like)
Visualization with cel shading, oilify & smooth colorful effect
And please don't try this if you're a realistic graphics fanboy, cause It's not for you

- Extract content "ENB + ReShade" to your GTA V folder
- OpenIV: Extract content "update.rpf" into mods\update\update.rpf

Graphics control:
- Press End for ENB config
- Press Scroll Lock for disable or enable ENB
- Press Shift + F2 for ReShade config
- Press Shift + F1 for disable or enable ReShade

Please read this to avoid a bugs:
- Recommended for GTA V clean install for pure experience
- Not recomended to mixed with another graphics mod, I'm not sure the result
- This mod support for low or medium PC (best performance)
- Make sure to Set Shader Quality at least "High" (Graphics Settings)
- Make sure to Set Post FX at least "Very High" (Graphics Settings)
- Make sure to Set Screen Kill Effects "Off" (Display Settings)
- Make sure to remove TimeCycleMods.asi if you're use this
- If you don't like black outline (ReShade - Celshading), set Clarity Strength 0

Thanks & credits to people who make:
- ENB - ReShade - OpenIV - VisualV - NVR - PRSA -

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Art Style Graphics V v2.0
Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0 Art Style Graphics V v2.0

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