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Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated)

Autor: THEFalcone
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Datum: 06.04.2021
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Grand Theft Auto Remastered Invites You To Visit Los Santos Once Again
But This Time It Will Be More Challenging And More Immersive

Every Aspect Of The Game Was Change To Get The Most Experience Of The Game
From Graphical Changes To Miscellaneous Things
Every Object Was Changed Or Improved For More Realism

Fell Free To Create Some Videos With My Mod Just Credit My Mod In The Video

Here's My Discord Server :
You Can See The Mod Progress

This Mod Is Still Work-In Progress Many Things Will Change In The Future Updates
If You Find Any Bugs Please Report Them And I Will Try To Fix Them If It's Possible

Biggest Features:
The A.I Changes: Changed The Way How Ped's React To All Sorts Of Events.
Vehicle Changes: Improved Or Fixed Almost Every Vehicle Except From Some DLC Vehicles.
Weapons Changes: Improved Every Weapon To Fell More Realistic
Sound Changes: Louder Vehicle's Engines, Better Ambient Car Sounds, New Weapons Sounds, Improved Sirens, Improved Voice Lines For Main Characters

You Can Find Hole Changelog In The Mod.

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Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated)
Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated) Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated) Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated) Grand Theft Remastered V1.4 (Outdated)

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