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Liberty City V Remix V 11

Autor: elcreador | Email
Datum: 17.03.2020
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Liberty city V remix -by- Carl Johnson and his team - Original map from Encryptedreallity and remix by elcreador.
Big thanks to Lunchxbles for his great vice cry work and to Rechkunov for his help with the scripts.
Update 11 - These versions are the most complete, thanks to the collaboration of Rechkunov, Loren Vidican, Scarpitta and Palmer . Added animated lights in star junction areas, working barrels, pools, founts, and others features.Fixed more props positions in all the maps.Added new enable-disable maps, startpoint.asi script, V10 to spawn in the night to load correctly the lights.
Added new OIV files and links, provided thanks to Loren Vidican.
Added new mods to change the roads textures.
A lot of thanks to the all the people who did other mods for do this work.

Update 10 - Fixed more props positions in the maps.Added new OIV files and links, provided thanks to Loren Vidican.

Update 9.0 - Fixed more props positions in all the maps.Added new enable-disable maps scripts V9, hidden some icons and expanded the minimaps limits.
Added new OIV files and links, provided thanks to Loren Vidican.
Added 3 new mods to change the roads textures.

Update 7.1 - Updated the scripts to disable-enable the maps.Now the maps are hidden automatically at start the game.I have updated the new files into the OIV installation maps files .Added some changes in the F2 menu, now not necesary to use it to disable the maps, but yes for teleports and autopilot.Disabled the wanted level in the airport when use the autopilot option and upgraded some scripts adjusting the radius to disable enable better.

Update 7.0 - Fixed some interiors and the most props positions in all the maps.Added options for disable the bridges and the Mantahny cranes.Deleted traffic in the hove beach in LC V3.0.

Update 6.0 - Fixed props positions in Eastny and Jersey.New enable-disable maps scripts V6, with quick menu in the F2 key.Added autopilot mode (thanks to Rechkunov) to fly by plane between the airports like cutscenes.
These scripts disable Los Santos and others mods maps installed, and enable Liberty city and reverse, when traveling between them, eliminating texture glitches in Los Santos when all maps are loaded at the same time, reducing the graphic load and making the game more fluid.
Liberty city and the other maps will not be visible until you are relatively close.
And Los Santos will dissapear when you are in Liberty city.

Scripts for disable-enable the next maps:

LC V3.0
LC V101

Update 5.3 - Changes for LC V 3.0, LC V1.01 and Liberty cry: Fixed the position of some streetlights and other props and added some planes in the airport.

Update 5.2 - Changes for LC V 3.0, LC V1.01 and Liberty cry: Added option to install traffic without bridges. Converted the install files to OIV in order to make more easy the installation.
Fixed traffic in the bridge between Jersey and Manhatny in LC V1.01 and Liberty cry versions.
Added link with files for create a FiveM server.

Update 5.1 - Changes for LC V 3.0 moved map: Added option to install traffic witouth brides. Fixed lodlights, distantlights and some props.Added lights in the bridges and some planes and helicopters in the airport ymaps.
Added link with files for create a FiveM server.

Update 5.0 - Converted the install files to OIV for Liberty city V3.0 and V1.01 versions in order to make more easy the installation.I´ll try to do it with the Liberty cry versions in the future.

Update 4.9 - Fixed a corrupted file in the Liberty cry version.Fixed some issues with the lights in the Liberty city V3.0 version.

Update 4.8 - Added link for add more interiors in Liberty cry (need the last game version 2189 for use this)
Fixed link for Vicecity West FiveM version.

Update 4.7 - Added new LC V3.0 moved map version for fix some textures issues in LS.Added some modifications in Jersey for LC V3.0.

Update 4.6 - Added new links for Cayo Perico add-on, for Liberty cry maps and updated the Liberty city V.01 and Liberty cry (Liberty city V1.01 + vice cry) for compatibility with these maps.

Update 4.5 - New links for Liberty Cry (LC+vicecity)
Added a Vice cry version map for FiveM.
Added link for vicecry west.You can try this version i did for vice cry placed in the west for compatibility with LC v3.0

Update 4.4 - Updated the train files for fix some issues in SA areas caused by the trains.xml files.
Added 2 new FIVEM maps versions for V1.01.One with LC + SA map and other with LC alone.Added new links.

Update V4.3 - Updated Eastny folder for LC V1.01 and LC V3.0 moved map, if you had installed the last version only need to replace the Eastny folder, fixed an ugly texture in the parking airport tunnel. Updated new maps and new train files for Liberty cry (new link for download the second version).

Update V4.2 - For LC V1.01 and LC v3.0 moved map.Converted some tunnels collisions from .ymap to .ybn doing the mod more stable,and thanks to this reduced the number of interiors ymaps getting the full subway working in the two maps.
Added train files for the two maps and working with autospawn.Now the two maps have peds, traffic,trafficlights,water reflections,streetlights,distantlights,lodlights,trains,bridges to SA with traffic,pools,fountains working,ferris wheel in motion,interiors and the subway for enjoy the full maps in two versions.I hope you like.

Update 4.1 for LV V1.01.Added changes in all the islands thanks to qqcjhz from gtainside.He has done an amazing work and the best performance in this mod.I have applied those modifications for fix a lot of things.Now the mod is very much detailed.
Changes in a new link for the Liberty City V1.01 map. and added other for the qqcjhz Liberty Cry version.Big thanks to qqcjhz for his great work in this mod.

Update V 4.0. for the LC V3.0 moved map. Added fixed bridge files.Added collisions in the 90% subway tunnels for the Liberty city V3.0 moved map.Added train files in this version too, and added missing collisions in two train stations in Eastny and fixed some textures issues.
Sorry for the inconveniences.I had some troubles with my hard disk and corrupted files.

Update 3.9. Fixed some corrupted files, now ok.Added train paths and add-ons trains for LC V1.01.Now you can play in the subway and tunnels, but you will need an stromberg for drive underwater.

Update 3.8. Added collisions in all the subway tunnels for the Liberty city V1.01 map.Added missing collisions in two train stations in Eastny and fixed some invisible textures.

Update 3.7. Moved all the subway and tunnels files from the interiorsny folder to the manhatny folder.Some interiors in the interiorsny folder cause issues.

Update 3.6. Added more interiors, distantlights, water refletions, access
to the subway in the LC V1.01 and V3.0 moved map versions.

Update V3.3. Added link for download LIBERTY CRY (liberty city + vicecity).Easy install files for the two maps working together.

Update 2.9 - Now there are traffic lights in the two maps versions.

Update V2.8 added water in the pools and the middle park, and water in the pools in the westdick

Update V2.7 added some interiors.

Update V2.6 with a new popzone.ipl for the LC moved map.Now more peds in all the areas.

New navmeshes.rpf for install LC V1.01 + VICECRY maps.Added a new navmeshes.rpf for Liberty city V1.01.If you have installed those maps only replace this file.

Update V2.5- Modified the bridge for union from LC and Vicecity (a little better now) and modified the traffic paths for LC V1.01 in the brigde.Deleted the collisions and objects colapsed in the mixed areas between LC and Vicecity.And added a new texture for some roads, can be changed if you like.

Added a new bridge for union Liberty city V1.01 with Vicecry maps.

Update V2.1- update i have added new files for fix the traffic in LIberty city v1.01

Disabled water reflections in eastny for prevent textures issues in Sa.
Added distantlights to the moved map version.
Added 4 bridges in the added rar "Bridges and Paths for Liberty V v1.0.1"
New link for V101 FIVEM.
Added minimap for lc V 101 version for FIVEM.
Added minimap for moved map version for FIVEM.
Works with moded gameconfig.
Added traffic lights + bridge traffic
I saw his updloaded version in gta5 mods and i decided, with his permission, and in those coronavirus days i get time for fix it for me, and after test some gameconfigs in 1737 and 1868, make some changes in the files and mix the ymaps of my version with the water reflections ymaps of Carl J. version, now is working ok for me with differents gameconfig in the two game versions.
I hope this can help for they reupload his map.
I have decided update it because this great map must be shared.A lot of work by a lot of people.A great and difficult job.Originally from Encryptedreallity.All the credits for all those persons.

Two versions for single player and two varsions for FIVEM

Minipap (Carl Johnson minimap)
Traffic lights (not all).
Included traffic paths.
Water reflections.

Thanks to everybody for his programs,imagination,time,work,illusion; they did
possible the impposible:

Carl Johnson and his team.
Vice City Rage Classic Team
Radar Zoom from LizNet
Rockstar games
Alex from gtainside
Open iv
3ds max
and a long etc.

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