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Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2

Autor: Eddlm & Mkeezay30 | Email
Datum: 09.06.2018
Downloads: 3072 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 1.445 MB

10.00 bei 1 Bewertungen

Latest update :
- Added random Drag Monsters. These cars with an engine larger than their engine bay? These.
- Added "invite" cheat: You can now invite any Racer to the current meet.
Usage: Enter "invite" cheat, then enter the name of the Racer you want to invite. "Eddlm", "Dragster Phantom", "Sabre Turbo", any existing Racer in Racers.xml will work.
- Added most of the Gunrunning vehicles to the Racers pool. Failrace's last monster concept included. :P

- This update includes an optional, temporal fix (DragMeets.dll) for the ManualGears issue in Gunrunning. Make sure to switch to the original DragMeets.dll when ScriptHookVDotNet updates.

- All files are affected except Meets.xml, replace them all.
Make sure to reconfigure Config.ini to your likings afterwards.

Future plans:
- Reworked grip and wheelie system.
- Player upgrades
- More player-racer interaction

Other updates:
- Added random Sleepers
- Added Private Meets. If you park multiple cars near the meet before spawning, it will become private and only your cars will race. If they don't have engine upgrades they will be randomly tuned.

- Added a few .ini variables to set the minimum money the racers have.

- Fixed crash when spawning the Meet in some computers. Looks like it was a missing model issue.

Main Features
22 Meets
4 Point-To-Point races
Tire performance simulation
Manual transmission simulation
(disabled by default)
Add-On vehicles support

And a lot of little features you'll notice when as you experience it.

Move from the archive to the game folder

How to play
Spawn meets: Just approach the $ icon and press E when prompted.
Leaving meets: enter "leave meet" in the game's cheat console.
Challenging other people: Walk up to their car and press E.
Betting (spectator): enter "bet" in the game's cheat console. Or walk up to the racer you want to bet on.
Betting (your race): enter "bet", then enter how much money you want to bet.
Refusing to race: "refuse" cheat.
Adding new cars: enter "save car" while you're in a Meet.

There are more commands you might find useful, type "help" in the cheat console to know about them.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest(include)
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest(include)

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Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2
Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2 Drag Meets - Drag Monsters Update 2.2

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