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TBoGT Nitro 1.5

Autor: I'm Not MentaL
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Datum: 24.09.2017
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Thanks for downloading TBoGT Nitro v1.5 by I'm Not MentaL.
This script is based on Eddlm's Realistic Nitro.
Why is this More Realistic? because it actually destroy your engine when you overheat your engine and melt your rear bumper if you keep the flames on for too long.

Added Nitro to cars and bikes.
Gain Nitro by Speeding, Jumping, Driving against traffic, Burnout, Donuting and Drifting.
Hit something will lost 1% of Nitro.
Optain Nitro by upgrade vehicle's engine.
Nitrous Purge while not accelerating.

- Import/Export DLC
- Latest ScriptHookV
- Latest Community Script Hook V .NET
- Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 x64
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

Need for Speed Underground Speedometer

Drag and Drop 'Scripts' folder into GTAV Main Directory.

Hit the keyboard's tilde "~" button and then enter 'TBOGTNITROSETTING'.

v1.5 Patreon Release
- Added Setting Menu
- Fixed Camera Shaking when getting out of vehicle while using nitro.

v1.4.1 Public Release
- Fixed Camera Shake not stop when having Secondary key.
- Fixed Nitro Sound Slutter when FPS is low.
- Improve Nitro Bottle.
- Nitro Amount will save when leaving vehicle, New spawn vehicle will have full amount of Nitro.

v1.4 Public Release
- Added Nitro Sound from TBOGT.
- Added Nitro Bottle from TBOGT.
- Added Secondary Key to Activate Nitro.
- Added Options to choose Flame type or disable it.
- Added Option to Use Tire Smoke Color as Nitro Purge Color.
- Added Refill mode.
- Added Camera Shake.

v1.3.1 Public Release
- Added Light effect when using nitro.
- Fixed N20 bar not hidden when no engine upgrade.

v1.3 Patreon Release
- Added Nitrous Purge.
- Driving againt traffic will gain nitro.
- Do Burnout will gain nitro.
- Hit something will lost nitro.
- Nitro won't increase if you idle.
- Bugs fixed and improvement.

v1.2.1 Public Release
- Various Bugs fixed.

v1.2 Patreon Release
- Add NOS support to ikt's Need for Speed Underground Speedometer

v1.1 Patreon Release
- Fixed crash when first time load

v1.0 Patreon Release
- Initial Release

Known Bugs
Some exhaust modification might not show the flames properly.
Vehicle with no exhaust will not have the flames.

Rockstar Games, Alexander Blade, Crosire, Eddlm, Dilapidated & ikt

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TBoGT Nitro 1.5
TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5 TBoGT Nitro 1.5

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