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Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA]

Autor: spidermight
Datum: 07.06.2017
Downloads: 8568 | Statistiken
Dateigröße: 3.755 MB

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Terminator Apocalypse turns GTA V into a post Apocalyptic survival world where terminator robots rule San Andreas.
ChangeLog 0.2.2
changed the prisoner events map icon to skull icons.
terminators now have less health and are easier to kill. they have half the health than they did before.
ChangeLog 0.2.1
terminators dont spawn in players view, now they spawn out of sight.
terminators will find you a little faster now.'
a terminator hunter can have RPGS now.
Sound files are a smaller size now
Current Features:

-6 Prisoner Events plus 1 unlockable prisoner event, survivors have been captured by the terminators, you have the choice to save them if you want to.

-Terminators will hunt you down no matter where you are, they will hunt you in a groups of twos or threes or a single terminator might hunt you, you have the choice to fight them or run away.

-Custom Sounds And Music In Game: terminator finds you sound, Terminator music plays during events, event completed sound.

- no traffic and no pedestrians spawn in the streets

to start a prisoner event all you need to do is be in the area
open the map to find where the event are, they are yellow circles on radar/map


Put TerminatorAttackers.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder.
Put PedAndTrafficControl.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder.
Put TerminatorEvents.dll file in GTA V "scripts" folder.
Important Put the folder "TerminatorMp3s" in local disk C:\
example how it should be: C:\TerminatorMp3s\
Start OpenIV and Enable Edit mode.
Go to the folder > mods/x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_mp.
Replace the file mp_s_m_armoured_01.yft with the downloaded one.
Replace folder mp_s_m_armoured_01 with the downloaded one.
Scripts By ShadowCoderKing
Terminator model by ATRO_ONE

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Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA]
Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA] Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA] Terminator Apocalypse [.NET] 0.2.2 [BETA]

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