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Buy More Weapons 0.7

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Datum: 06.06.2017
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Okay so i realized that there is a fire extinguisher that is unobtainable unless you use mods now with this mod you can either buy the fire extinguisher from ammunation or get it from killing a fireman.
There was also a digiscanner and bz gas that were only made for a mission now with this mod you can buy it from ammunition and store it in your weapon wheel.
Also there is a molotov,bat,golf club,crowbar weren't in ammunation but were available in the game this mod makes you able to buy them.

Description of molotov from Rockstar Social Club.
Description of fire extinguisher and bz gas are self made.
Description of digiscanner,bat,golf club and crowbar were already available in the game but weren't used.


Go to GTA 5 location and replace the update folder with my mod.

Then go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai replace weapons.meta with the one included in the mod.

Then Go To Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\ Now Drag dlclist.xml To Your Desktop From Here Add This Line Below The Latest Dlc
You Have:


And that's it i hope you enjoy my mod.

Claude_III For this mod (That's Me)
Well nobody helped me during the development of this mod so.

Right now working on:
Adding more weapons which are available in the game but not available at ammunation like online dlc weapons.

Features of the mod:
Adds the Fire extinguisher,Molotov,BZ Gas,Digiscanner,Bat,Golf club And Crowbar to ammunation.
Amount of people you killed with BZ Gas is shown in the stats along with other weapons.


Added Fire extinguisher and molotovs.

Added BZ Gas.

Added Digiscanner.

Added Bat,Golf club and Crowbar.

Added 2 Different Briefcases.

?.?:Soon if possible
Add all dlc weapons.

Rate 10 stars for my work if you enjoyed the mod.

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Buy More Weapons 0.7
Buy More Weapons 0.7 Buy More Weapons 0.7 Buy More Weapons 0.7 Buy More Weapons 0.7 Buy More Weapons 0.7 Buy More Weapons 0.7

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