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Ped Invasion

Autor: lunarknight
Datum: 14.04.2017
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Dateigröße: 1.821 MB

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Ped Invasion is a mini game where the player must survive endless waves of enemy peds. Killing peds gives the player powerups, and points which can be spent in the shopping menu for weapons, perks and more. The game gets harder each wave with increasing amounts of peds, they also get health and combat upgrades.

This game is similiar to invasion games like Call of Duty Zombies.

* Powerups: peds drop powerups on death, that give special abilities and help the player survive the round.
* Bodyguards: Player can have up to 7 bodyguards in the game. Choose whatever model you want, supports PedAddons.
* Customization: Lots of settings to play the game however you want it. Includes a profile manager to save your settings to files that can be loaded again later.
* Health Regen: Player has customizable health regen or vampire abilities
* Shopping Menu: Spend points on weapons, perks or health.
* Enemy Peds: Use any game models as enemy peds. Choose what weapons, health, combat skills they have.
* Location: You can play the game at any location on the map (except sea, sky and interiors). Includes the Yacht and Aircraft Carrier as locations.
* World Settings: Customize the time, weather and more.

How To Install:
Drop 'pedInvasion' folder and 'PedInvasion.asi' into your GTA V root directory.

How To Use:
Open the ped invasion menu with F7 keyboard or LB+LS controller(can be changed in the .ini file).

1. Grand Theft Auto V v1.36 (1.0.877.1). [or Later?]
2. ScriptHookV latest version.
3. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015.
4. (optional) Single Player Apartment Mod. It might be needed to load the Yacht or Aircraft Carrier.

v1.1 (1st May 2017):
* Added 9 new powerups, 2 new perks, more shopping items.
* Bug fixes.
* More menu settings.
* Improved the HUD.

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Ped Invasion
Ped Invasion Ped Invasion Ped Invasion

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