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FPV Drone Racing

Autor: LeFix
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Datum: 13.03.2017
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FPV Drone Racing Mod

-There are many fpv drone racing simulators available, but they all lack a detailed world which feels alive.
-GTA V has so many interesting locations but in fact a lot of them stay undiscovered or they are hard to reach.
-Lots of places like constructions sites and conatiner yards do not offer anyting special, but they are perfect spots for drone racing.

This mod tries to eliminate all these negative aspects!
Explore San Andreas like never before, start whenever you're on foot and enjoy your flight.

Important Notes:
-I recommend the DRL flight simulator (free), it's the reference for this mod.
-Anyone complaining about the control of the drones, should try other drone simulators as well and make sure the settings are fine (default setting should be ok as beginner, if you delete the .ini file, the mod will create a file with default settings)
-A bad framerate will increase the difficulty to fly the drones properly, lower graphics setting can improve the gaming experience.

Known Bug(s):
-Upon start-up the collision box doesn't load properly. If this happens try to restart your flight, this should fix it.

-Install the latest version of ScriptHookV.
-Drop "LeFixDrone.asi", the "LeFixDrone" folder and "OpenAL32.dll" into the GTA V main folder.

-Make sure to connect a XBox Controller
-Start your flight by holding down the right stick (on foot only)
-Open the mod menu (only during drone flight) by pressing the right stick
-Upside down? Flip the drone with X
-Stuck somewhere? Get out with Y

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FPV Drone Racing

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