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Liberty Island from GTA IV [Add-On]

Autor: GtaGam3r
Datum: 28.01.2017
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Ladys and Gents, i present you the Liberty Island from GTAIV with original statue of Liberty.

►Before you comment anything just read my next words.
I working on this last one month and its still WIP (work in progress).
Still have alot work, alot textures to fix and etc so have on your mind to this is hard work where usually team of few people work and not just one guy like me.

- Trees when you touch them will fall of, i dont know why and still trying to figured that to fix it.
- When you drive car and when you pull handbrake on one side you will have fps drop.
-people with low end pc please avoid island at night because you will have alot fps drop /- its some bug what streetlights does,will try to figured that and fix.
- some sea walls dont have collisions,will fix that too.

►Future updates:
-How all textures are original from Gta4 some of them i fix already but still alot of them are left, and if you ask why i need to fix them well its because some of them are blury.
- Will add more trees, plants, stuff around buildings to island is not that much empty
- will add in script option to you can teleport in statue hand.
-first when i start this i didnt find files for stairs inside of statue,so if i find them i will update project.

►► How to Install is in readme text in file document.
p.s. didnt test on pirate version of game so i dont know if will work it.
NativeUI Latest
.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
► If you garage wont load with game see for other version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008,2013 and etc on google.

About this big project.
Island exported from Gta4 - 139 files from who on end i create 4 files, if you ask why not one well its because to we avoid lags in game from loading one big file.
First two weeks i was connecting that 139 files lol
After that i was try to find and add to each material his original textures. Trust me it was hell to do that.
Last 3 weeks i was working on script in Visual Basic to load that property. And adding other stuff on island like is alot trees, plants,bushes and etc.
I didnt have idea to release this because still have alot work but alot people message me so i say why not :)

Q: I load game and i see Island but i dont see map icon.
A: Please restart your game to Island load again properly, and if you dont do that you will have errors when you will walk on him.

Q:I have fps drop at night,why?
A: because streetlights have some bugs so please avoid playing at night on island.

Q: Island dont wont load no matter how many time i restart game
A: try to remove some your current mod from your script folder (if you have "open all interior" remove him), some script/mod kidding, and unfortunately i cant tell you wich one because i dont have installed them all.
NOTE: Uploading my mods (add-on prop or add-on folder with my signature in scripts) anywhere without my persmission will cause ban and deleting your account on any website where i find my mod.
For youtubers if you will make video please make a link to this page,thank you

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Liberty Island from GTA IV [Add-On]

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