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Car Sound Pack

Autor: Typhoon | Email
Datum: 03.10.2020
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Hello my friends! I present you my Sound Pack v2.0!

After a long time I´m back with a big one! Hope you guys enjoy these new sounds as much as I do.
If you have any questions about this mod, please message me directly, don´t comment on this post! Thank you!

No requirements!
Any car can be used! You don´t have to use the exact same cars, you could for example download a Ferrari and add a Mercedes sound to it! It´s up to you what cars you want to use!

There will be a Read-Me included, it should be clear how to install the file for each individual car!

Videos will be available for all included cars, that way you guys know what they sound like!


Car List (v2.0):

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV
Audi RS3
Audi RS5
Audi RS6
BMW M5 Competition
BMW M5 E60
Brabus S-class W222
Bugatti Chiron
Ferrari 458 Italia
Ford Mustang GT
Jaguar F-Type SVR
Koenigsegg Agera RS
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Lamborghini Huracan
Lexus RC-F
Mclaren 720s
MB C63s AMG Coupe
MB C63 AMG W204
Mercedes AMG GTS


"Which sounds have been changed on each car?"

Version 1 Cars: --> Brabus, Mustang GT, Aventador, Giulia, Chiron, 458, RC-F, C63s AMG, AMG GT-S, Agera RS, RS5, A45, RS3, C63 AMG W204

+ engine idle (real sound)
+ start-up (real sound)
+ exhaust idle (real sound)
+ exhaust deceleration (some crackles)

Version 2 Cars: --> M5, 720s, F-Type, RS6, Huracan, 992, E63 AMG, JCW GP, M5 E60, M2

+ engine idle (real sound)
+ start-up (real sound)
+ interior start-up (real sound)
+ exhaust idle (real sound)
+ exhaust deceleration (real crackles)



+ initial release

+ new car added, Mini JCW GP

+ new car added, Mercedes AMG GT-S

+ new BETA-Car added, C63 AMG W204
+ updated Agera RS sound

+ tweaked sounds:
+ C63s AMG: louder, better quality
+ Lexus RC-F: different start-up, louder, better quality

+ new cars added:
+ Audi RS3
+ Audi RS5
+ BMW M5 E60
+ MB A45 AMG

tweaked sounds:
+ Audi RS6 --> changed accel sound, exhaust-idle and start-up
+ BMW M5 Comp --> remove "bird-sound" on start-up and changed exhaust accel
+ MB C63 AMG W204 --> changed start-up and idle sound
+ MB E63 AMG --> changed echaust decel crackles

updated sounds:
+ BMW M2 --> changed exhaust accel, start- up interior and ignition added



"It is only a engine swap, why would I download it?"
-It´s not only a engine swap, many files have been changed to a real life version that way the car sounds more brutal and true to life

"I don´t have the mpXXX folder, what do I do?"
-update your game, it´s that simple

"can you please do XXX sound next?"
-no more requested cars please, any request comments will be reported and deleted!
If you want to request a specific car, you can do it on my patreon, the car will be available only to the person who requested it, or you can message me directly, here on 5mods. Thank you!

"Why did you create an AIO-version, individual files would have been better."
- Because I had to do it

"Will there be any updates?"
- Yes, this file will be updated! New cars will be added over time!

"I want to create my own sound mods, what program do I have to use?"
- You can use any program which let´s you edit .wav files!

"I don´t understand how to install the files, can you please create oiv file?"
- Oiv will not work, because you can use any file with any car!

"Can you create any bike sounds?"
- No, I know nothing about bikes

"My car sounds exactly like the vanilla car when accelerating, why?"
- Because no exhaust- and engine-acceleration sounds have been changed


There shouldn´t be any bugs, if you find some, please feel free to let me know, so I can fix them!


Please do not reupload any files without my permission, thank you!

If you want to support my work, you may visit my Patreon!

Well thats it guys, thank you for downloading my mod, have fun with my Sound Pack v2.0! ;)

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Car Sound Pack

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