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Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0

Autor: Danix93
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Datum: 18.05.2016
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DYNASTY 8 REAL ESTATE Company and Danix93 thank you for choosing this wonderful villa. We hope you enjoy it!

This villa is located on the Vinewood Lake, in Vinewood Hills. The villa consists of big open spaces, large windows with views over Vinewood Lake and Vinewood Hills, including the Vinewood Sign. The villa has a large courtyard, which can be accessed by an automatic gate: there is a beautiful fountain, and a garage with an automatic opening door which can contain 4 vehicles.There is an open space kitchen, dining and living room, a large bathroom, a bedroom and a laundry room. Outside of the living room, there is a patio with a pool. Above the house, there is a very large terrace, wich offers a beautiful view.

-Big rooms, nice furniture, nice views and a big garage;
-Nice patio with pool and very large terrace;
-Working doors;
-Working lights;
-Working gate and garage door;
-Only 673 objects!

-MAP EDITOR MUST BE AT LEAST 2.11 VERSION (for working doors, garage & gate);
-EXPANDED OBJECT LIST (you cand find in MAP EDITOR files when you download it);
-OBJECT SPAWN UNLOCKER 1.1 (you can find it here:

1) Go to FILES directory (on this folder) and copy vinelakevilla.xml;
2) Go to you GTA V main directory and paste it;
3) Run the game, go to Michael's house and get inside it;
4) Open MAP EDITOR menu and select LOAD MAP, then type: vinelakevilla.xml
5) Wait for loading, once is done go to Vinewood Lake in Vinewood Hills.
6) Enjoy!!!

-It is very important to load the map inside of Michael's house: if you don't, most of the furniture will not be loaded.
-For a correct loading of all objects, i suggest you to delete your INVALID OBJECTS LIST from the SCRIPTS folder (Located on GTA V main directory)

Author: DANIX93
Tools used: MAP EDITOR by Guadmaz (LINK:

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Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0
Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0 Vinewood Lake Villa 1.0

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