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Ludendorff Mod 0.4

Autor: Marco_italy
Datum: 31.03.2016
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Welcome to Ludendorff city fair! A wonderful and full of fun event in which you can find everything you need to have a wonderful day!
Soon Version 0.5 with the arrival of Ludendorff train station! Stay tuned!

*** Version 0.4 ***
Added inflatable arch at the city entrance
Added a film premiere at the theatre
General improvements

*** Version 0.3 ***
Added road accident
Added men at work
Added a concert lounge bar
Added a concert
General bug fixes

*** Version 0.2 ***
Added the city fair with gazebo selling stuff!
Added mini zoo
Added ice cream kiosk
Added bus stop
Added a lot of shop items

Tomorrow I will update the images!

I always liked snow so I decided to make Ludendorff more enjoyable, let's say a Lundendorff Aspen styled :P This is a small modification of Lundendorff, the city of the prologue mission! It has been done with Guadmaz's Map Editor so you need it in order to make it work properly, you also need object spawn unlocker. This small mod is an alpha so it's not perfect.
Copy ludendorff.xml in the folder you have GTA5.exe and then load it with map editor you may also need a trainer to teleport in the city!
REMEMBER: I only modified the city center of Ludendorff so you have to reach it! You just have to turn left after the farm and go straight on 'till the city! Soon upgrades!

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Ludendorff Mod 0.4
Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4 Ludendorff Mod 0.4

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