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Lighthouse Area

Autor: gta5testya
Datum: 25.03.2016
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This map will give you some trees and scenery @the lighthouse area and get you much other things to explore... i hope like it. This is is just another world map to get you a new feeling about GTAV.

Map Editor 2.1 or higher
[read the requirements of this mod to get it working]

Get also the Object Spawn Unlocker 1.1 to get more objects.

Then create in scripts a new folder called Autoloadmaps, put here your maps and your xml maps will load automaticly. You can also load mapfiles manual by putting your mapfiles in the base directory, type within mapeditor[F7] load map manual and the name of the file.
Have Fun;

Note; If you use mrchazta "Smart Fuel Mod" and you getting on a boat then sometimes the mod starts to flash, you can simple fix this to enter a land vehicle first and then go for a water vehicle. Then the mod returns normal again.

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Lighthouse Area
Lighthouse Area Lighthouse Area Lighthouse Area

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