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Bobsled Paradise

Autor: fredfrg
Datum: 15.01.2016
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Dateigröße: 33.36 KB

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use t20 or adder RECOMANDED
for this map I proposed you 1 giant bobsled track contenent 10 loops
I used 1650 object , there generation of this map lasted 30 s about.
I keep of the space for the case or you would like than I add of ramp
for used the cars present in the map , in the car use freez unfreez option in the veicule option of menyoo trainer for unlock the cars

have fun :)

instalation :

make sure you have menyoo trainer by mafins
drop the file in your gta folder or in your folder menyoostuff
start gta and load the file via menyoo
(object and ped options >extra options>spooner files>and select the files bobsled paradise
you need just menyoo.asi and menyoo config and menyoostuff for this mod .
the map editor by guadamoz is compatible for this mod

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Bobsled Paradise Bobsled Paradise Bobsled Paradise

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