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Mega Road Changes

Autor: MasterPatch
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Datum: 06.09.2015
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Welcome to my mega map! its taken me 2 days to make this so far and im still working on it! i am also looking for any suggestions to add new things to this map! (email is in the readme)

Make a video of this and ill add it on here! XD

Update 1.51:
-Fixed several floating vehicles
(thanks to Nzxt for showing me)

Update 1.50:
-Added a police pull over
-Added spawn locations for 4 vehicles at police station (the one across the dam, lake from Los santos Customs)
-Added Captain in police station (^^)
-Added Cop behind weapons locker
-Added Dukes Location
-Fixed floating car outside Franks house
-Added Gold swift (as a thank you for 350 downloads on [])
-Added Heist vehicles at M's house (again for 350 downloads)
-Added Flare Gun in M's House (Still testing it may not work)

Update 1.30:
-Fixed bug issues
-Fixed ai issues

Making Los Santos's work!

Read the 'readme.txt' file in the zip

- Road works,
- Road accidents,
- Car meet (Still working on it),
- little works
- working people
- Car pull overs
- extra Peds
- Car locations
- Heist Vehicles

Bugs that are being fixed:
at the car accident, people were supposed to be there but it bugged out so im working on fixing those people soon! [ yes this is still an issue :p ]

Locations are on a image in the zip also!

i plan to work on this and add extra objects and places. these added objects will not slow your game down.

Join my steam group!:


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Mega Road Changes
Mega Road Changes Mega Road Changes Mega Road Changes

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