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Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area

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Datum: 04.09.2015
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Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area 1.0

My first map made with the mapeditor. I polished up the fire practice area of the airport. I'm planning to do more areas of the airport.

In this map:

220 props, 5 vehicles, 16 peds

This map features:

- experienced firetraining supervisors
- different practice arena's: small jetplane fire, carwreck practice, heli-fire practice, bus wreck
- ladder, stair for access to upper plane practice area.(need small jump at end)
- extra hoses for those extreme fire situations
- complete 360 degree cctv surveillance to take the video of the practice back to the classroom or, if approved, upload it to your life-invader channel.
- training control room. Supervising at it finest. All cctv can be monitored here. For visitors: the coffee is hot!!
- working emergency sprinklers. If it gets too hot for the firemen
- supervisor viewing platform(on top of the watertank)
- extra watertanks, fire hydrants
- POWER tools, for POWER jobs (sponsored by YouTool)
- firemen practicing: cutting out people in hard to reach places or saving the flight data recorder
- lights: enabled red lights warns for practice in progress.(more obvious at night), outer area boundaries blue floor lights, inner area red floor lights, work lights, global area lights etc etc
-two firetrucks with lights
-blox handsoap: stops leprosi
-first aid
-and a lot more

minor issue: I put in some big flames, but they are static not animated. Map editor didn't have big animated ones. Anyway I still think it looks nice.

extra sidequest: spot the gnome!


How to install: Place the firepracticemodule.xml file in your GTA V folder and load it using Guadmaz's Map Editor or place the xml file in your GTAV / scripts / AutoloadMaps folder!

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Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area
Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area Airport Map Module: Lively Firepractice Area

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