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Franklin`s Party Lounge Deluxe V5.4

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Datum: 29.08.2015
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Credits to him for this fantastic Tool.

Install: Place Franklins Party Deluxe.xml to your AutoloadMaps and start the Game.

V1: What can I say? Watch the Screens.;) You will love it. A new Experience and Atmosphere around the Pool Area. (200+ Objects) I could add more Objects but unfortunaly the Editor becomes unstable if reaching 200-300 Objects. Otherwise it would be 500-1000 Objects.^^

Recommended Mod: Activate On Foot Radio with SNT, the best Trainer in my Opinion.

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I will very carefully explain to you why it cannot be." Simeon


V2: More Animals(Some Fish in the Pool and a big one:)) and Peds(Ballas, Tanisha dislikes or hate Franklin) added.

V2.5: Now with a Bridge to Franklin´s House. You can park your Vehicles on the roof.:) It´s a work in progress. I´ve updated Script Hook and the Editor seems to be stable now. I can add more Objects hopefully, to make it more beautiful. Removed some annoying Peds. Tanisha and Ballas.

V3.0: There is a ladder now where the Lion is, to climb on the garage. The roof of the Garage is a Helipad now with lights. Added lights, Security, a wall around the roof of the House, a Grove to the House, Fences, Lights etc. (300+ Objects) Have fun.

V3.5: Some Animation fixed, minor other fixes such as Objects not on the right place, added Security Guard with Traffic Signaler Animation to the Bridge.:)

V4.0: Added a Terrace on the Roof of Franklins House!!!
Watch the last Screenshots. I think it looks good.:) Many minor and major Fixes. For Example. It was a bit tricky to land a Heli on the Garage, because of the Tree i´ve added earlier. I`ve moved the Tree a bit. More Peds and Objects everywhere. Benches, Walls, Fences, Lights etc. (400 Objects+)
The Cars you see on the Screen are not included, just for Showcase. You can park at least 10 Cars on the Roof!:) Please wait until the Map is fully loaded, just do nothing. It needs several seconds to load the Map, depends on your rig.

V4.1: Quick Fix. Sorry. There was a Woman on the Terrace drilling the Ground. I´ve killed her softly.:D

V4.2: Well, that was a hard one. Fixed the Wall on the roof. The Roof is uneven, it was quit difficult to fit each Wall to another, changing the Position of all Axis hundred times.

V4.3: Cleaned the Map from Markers accidentally saved. Added and changed Peds and Animals to a naturally Position. Two Girls dancing, Dog at the BBQ, Gangster at the Drug Dealer, Cash on the Cocaine Pack etc. Changed several Options at the Security Guards.

V5.0: Merryweather Security Guards and Fences added around the House. There is a long hidden Security Fence behind the Pool. The Doors are now closed. The Police can not enter Franklin`s House anymore. You can enter the Property climbing over the wall next to the Garage or over the Roof and the Ladder. Watch the Screens.
No more running Peds while standing if you fire at the Area, all Peds are running away in all Directions. I`ve changed all Peds to dynamic. (Over 500 Objects in Total) That`s it.:)

V5.1: Replaced the ugly Fence on the Bridge with a Stonewall. The Bridge is more beautiful and useful now, because your able to hide behind the Wall. Minor other changes and fixes.;)

V5.2: Fixed a floating Ped. Changed Weapons for Marryweather Guards and the Position a bit.

V5.3: Well, we all know that Franklin loves Weed, so he decided to make a Weed Garden by himself next to the Garage.
A white Shark is swimming in the Pool. You can swim with or fight against the Shark or just play, it´s up to you. Don´t know if you like it, but i like it.:)
TV on Walls added and a Lion behind the Pool and different other Things.

V5.4: Heist Planning Area added. There are Weapons, Cash, Armor, a Planning Board and more.

P.S.: Just played 20 min with this Map and it´s a Hell of Fun, because the Police and FBI or Military could not access the House.:) Went to the Bank for a Heist, got five stars and drove back, parked on the Roof and walked over the Ladder to the Property. In 20 min of Gameplay, nobody could go into the House. Franklin has a highly secured Penthouse now.:)




Don`t forget to update ScripthookV and ScripthookVDotNet and the Map Editor as well!



Try to load the Map with your Game as it is. If it´s not working, try the following:

Make sure you have no other Mods installed at Franklin`s House. The Game maybe crash because of a conflict with other Mods. Delete all your Cars first(szabopersist etc.) or delete szabos save. The Area should be absolutly clean, then you can start the Game and park the cars wherever you want.:)

Try to start a new 100% Savegame. I don`t have any problems with this Map. Whether it is a 50% or 90% Savegame. Not tried the Missions.

There is the last Mission called "Keep your friends close" were Devin comes to Franklins House, it could crash the Game, it´s better to finish all Main Missions first.

I´m not sure if a good PC is needed, but it should be at least a decent PC. You should not play this Game with a Potato, if you want to install hundreds of Mods. Could crash the Game also.

My Specs: GTX 660, 8GB, i5 3570k 3,4 Ghz.

Do not reupload this Mod without my permission.

Do not play Online with this or any other Mods! Just saying.;)

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Franklin`s Party Lounge Deluxe V5.4
Franklin`s Party Lounge Deluxe V5.4 Franklin`s Party Lounge Deluxe V5.4 Franklin`s Party Lounge Deluxe V5.4

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