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Sandy Shores Base

Autor: AwesomeBomber
Datum: 21.08.2015
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~0.6 Fixed an issue where the file was not appearing as a .xml file

Quick disclaimer, this is my first map mod! So please do keep that in mind since this also means that if you have a problem with the map, there's a pretty high chance I will not know how to fix it, but nonetheless, I'll do my best to help out!

This is a small map created within the "Map Editor" by Guadmaz

The camp is located within Sandy Shores. It has 2 entrances, both of which can be accessed by most all vehicles, as long as they're not too large. There are staircases located around the camp to give you access to the top of the containers surrounding the base, giving you a vantage point from which to shoot from. I recommend you use this with the "Enhanced Native Trainer" since this allows you to remove traffic + pedestrians if you're going for the maps intended use of being a post-apocalyptic camp.

There may be more updates to this map, if I feel it's necessary or if you'd like to see something fixed/added.


~You will need the previously mentioned Map Editor which can be found here:

~Extract the file inside the .rar package into your Grand Theft Auto V folder
NOTE: It may need to be placed into your scripts folder, I'm not entirely sure, so let me know if the previous method worked for you!

~Once in-game, head over to the "Map Editor" menu, select the option "Load Map" and type "Sandy Shores Base" without the quotation marks.


If you experience any problems with the installation or anything else I'll do my best to help, enjoy!

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Sandy Shores Base
Sandy Shores Base Sandy Shores Base Sandy Shores Base

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