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Airplane House [Menyoo]

Autor: MrSupercar55
Datum: 11.06.2022
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Inspired by real life ones which were also derived from ye olde Boeing 727-200, just like mine.

The nose is hanging over the cliff by the beach at Paleto Bay to give the impression that the plane is airborne. The plane is festooned with solar panels on the wings and horizontal stabilizers, as well as the ones in front of it, and there is also a large wind turbine for generating off-grid power. Too bad it's not real as that setup would save a bomb of cash with energy prices increasing at the moment.

Known bugs/issues:

Sometimes the stairs leading up to the aft galley lose their collision file. If this happens, locate "b727" in the entity database and enable "Frozen in place". Close and reopen the rear left door in the Menyoo customs section and disable "Frozen in place". You should be able to get in then. I can upload a video on how to do that if need be.

As the video shows, the plane's compass in the cockpit is wrong. It indicates north when the plane is actually facing west.

You cannot watch TV, use the laptop, sleep in the bed or even take a toke from either of the bongs. That stuff's all there for show. Gotta love Menyoo.


1: Install Menyoo

2: Install this mod:

3: Add the "Airplane House.xml" to "E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner"

4: Spawn in the game from saved filed in the Object Spooner

Credit for the Boeing 727-200 airplane goes to SkylineGTRFreak

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Airplane House [Menyoo]
Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo] Airplane House [Menyoo]

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